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The Hybrid Modern Network: What you need to know

The world of technology continually shifts as does the behaviour and needs of the people who use it.

From private to public cloud, to office and remote working – workers in government and local authority, enterprise businesses and education rely on internet-based communication and tools. And with the adaptations we have had to make in the world, these are needed faster than predicted.

Not only is the modern hybrid network addressing a shift in patterns in the workforce but is also critical in using data to improve services; Adapting for better user experience, predicting behaviour, keeping costs under control and improving performance. And all this valuable information is gathered by the data from the network.

Without a modern network, this informative data can be lost in a legacy network that was not designed or implemented for cloud technologies. What we are seeing more and more with our customers is the move to the modern network with hybrid network solutions.

The modern hybrid network will not only help infrastructure remain agile but can support growth and build better services. It will help you keep up to date with the technology curves that are key enablers across all markets. In the past year we have delivered and created solutions across our expertise areas that give the right delivery for an individual need. As with most digital transformation projects, the process and stages are bespoke.

Thinking about moving to a hybrid cloud solution?

Axians is your technology partner for the Modern Hybrid Network

Consultation periods with the whole IT team is key

For many the challenges start with a time-consuming process for small IT teams with limited budget and who are already stretched in operational activity. If considering a hybrid cloud solution this needs to be broken into steps with a clear consultation period as often the right fit for others might not be the implementation for your team. Equally considering a plan of managed network services alongside this implementation to support the team in operational tasks during this process could be key.

Choosing the right cloud solutions for you

Axians Cloud

You want to go to the cloud, because you know that it has a lot to offer your organisation. But do you opt for a public cloud, a private cloud or the hybrid cloud? Axians cloud solutions helps you to find the solution that suits you.
Axians Cloud Solutions

Managed Network Services to support a modern network

Hybrid and modern cloud networks will offer many benefits, but they still need strong management to support the infrastructure service for now and to scale and maintain. We have seen a rise in the requirements of Managed Network Support that not only support the IT team in building their modern network but helps accelerate the delivery.
Managed Network Services

Network as a Service

Network as a Service logo Axians

Axians Network as a Service (NaaS) lets you focus on strategic business objectives and removes operational burden. For organisations with cloud-first strategies, NaaS provides a stable and reliable network that seamlessly integrates cloud-based applications that support diversified work structures and business growth.

NaaS is a subscription-based, fixed cost network solution that is operated, owned and managed by us. This means you can simplify your network operations by consuming services through a predictable OPEX cost model and invest in skills – free from the distraction of disruptive network operations. Axians Network as a Service

Case reference: SD-Wan for Public Sector

A vital ministerial department in the UK Government identified Silver Peak’s SD-WAN technology as a cost-effective solution to their networking requirements, with a plan to provide secure network connectivity to their regional offices.

A high profile incumbent partner who lost their way contacted Axians as Silver Peak’s Global Professional Services Partner to deliver a suitable implementation design. Axians became the project lifeline, assisting the customer in establishing their SD-WAN environment in the face of unexpected challenges.

The Axians team presented a clear and concise project plan which helped resolve pre-existing design challenges and successfully deployed the technology on time and on budget, which included a 3-year managed service plan for the client.

As part of the managed service the customer has access to Axians consultants who continue to analyse the performance of the network and make recommendations to optimise application operations, ensuring the investment made in their network is fully realised.

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