Suppliers step up multi-cloud delivery

Multi-cloud continues to gather momentum as leading suppliers announce products and services designed to help IT departments provision, manage and secure the many different cloud services they lease from different providers simultaneously.

These announcements mark two standout trends: firstly, the continuing shift away from product based hardware or software license fees into a service-orientated model that offers both more flexibility and less risk of overpaying for underused infrastructure for the buyer; and secondly the establishment of an all-important recurring revenue streams for the supplier.

Research firm IDC has predicted that 85% of enterprise IT organisations will at least plan to build a multi-cloud architecture this year [2018] (rival analyst firm 451 Research also predicted that 69% of companies plan to implement some form of multi-cloud by 2019). That is a significant jump given parallel estimations that only 9% can be considered “multi-cloud ready” right now.

The slow pace of adoption so far also suggests a big opportunity for the supplier ecosystem, not only hardware and software vendors but also resellers, managed service providers and systems integrators able to cement partner relationships and hone their go to market strategies fast enough to take advantage.

Juniper Networks Multi-Cloud 

Juniper Networks Multi-cloud solution is a cloud computing deployment model that enables organizations to deliver application services across multiple private and public clouds containing some or any combination of the following: multiple cloud vendors, multiple cloud accounts, multiple cloud availability zones, or multiple cloud regions or premises.

Are you cloud ready? 

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