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“This has been a true partnership from the start. Axians proved to be passionate and extremely knowledgeable about what they do. That shared passion and belief in what we were building gave the project real impetus and made all the difference in us creating an innovative and resilient network.”

Gavin Henry, owner and managing director, Suretec Systems

Independent Service Provider

Suretec Voip Case Study AxiansABOUT THE CUSTOMER

Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, Suretec Systems Ltd is an innovative independent network operator allowing its clients to benefit from enhanced operating efficiency and reduced risks with Open Source software. The company offers easily-accessed and organised directory services, shared information infrastructures and other services to varied business sectors including: travel agencies, voluntary organisations, oil and energy companies and public sector organisations.


Initially focused on providing IT consultancy services and installing other vendors’ telephony systems, Suretec launched ‘SureVoIP’ in 2006 to provide commercial VoIP consultancy and services. However, being reliant on other providers’ products for its services was proving prohibitive. Suretec took the decision to bring its network services in-house and build out its own core IP/MPLS network to create a more service-oriented business and move up the network food chain.

Gavin Henry, Suretec’s owner and managing director explains,

“Our vision was always to become an independent network operator so we could increase customer value, expand our SureVoIP offerings and deliver a complete solution to clients with the best possible value, control and quality.”


Following a competitive tender process, Axians Networks was awarded the contract as it has an excellent track record in designing and building core networks based on Juniper Networks equipment, and has an established service provider heritage. With a detailed project plan agreed, Suretec purchased a core IP/MPLS network comprising Juniper Networks® MX 3D Universal Edge Routers, EX Series Ethernet Switches and SRX Series Services Gateways.

The equipment, installed at London’s Telehouse East, has created the first of its core Points-of-Presence (PoPs) and provides network failover and data back-up facilities to its second site in Edinburgh. Customers were made fully live on the new network in March 2014.

To help guarantee network availability, Axians provide Suretec with the highest level of technical support which includes 24×7 first-line support, along with a four-hour SLA response time to any alerts or issues.


As a result of the work carried out by Axians Networks, Suretec has been able to fulfill its vision of offering a full Internet connectivity suite to existing and new customers and in becoming its own ISP. Instead of reselling other companies’ Internet connectivity solutions, it is now selling its own broadband services as well as its VoIP offering, with the potential to sell multiple services including Layer2 Virtual Circuits, L3 VPNs, VPLS and EVPN.

Due to the new VoIP optimised Internet connectivity, Suretec’s customers’ telephone calls and broadband traffic goes straight into the heart of the network without having to go over public Internet. Along with Suretec’s presence in the two main UK public Internet exchanges, LINX and LONAP and more recently IXManchester, it is in full control and provides a higher level of service than in previous years, resulting in one of the best networks for business VoIP and broadband in the UK.

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