The next fashion

The Next Fashion – OpenFlow. An interesting blog by Pedro Marques


By now just about everyone has realized that OpenFlow is just vaporware. Technically, there was never any content behind the hype. The arguments used to promote OpenFlows revolutionary properties where simply the ignorance of all previous technologies that used the exact same design ideas from SS7 to PBB-TE.

Rumor has it that even the most religious OpenFlow supporters from Mountain View to Tokyo have realized that OpenFlow is pretty much dead. If you look back at it, it was a pretty silly set of assumptions to start with: that hardware design and not software the the limiting factor in network devices; and that you can define a low-level forwarding language based on the concept of a TCAM match that is going to be efficient across general purpose CPUs; ASICs and NPUs. Both assumptions can easily be proven to be false.

But OpenFlow’s promise was “too good to be true”…

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