Data Centre and Reducing isk

Data Centre Perspectives 2: Reducing Risk

Reducing Risk

The Cost of trying to integrate separate technology silos is often expensive and time consuming. Currently, the success rate of IT projects is under 30%.

Converged architectures follow a pre-tested, pre-configured and pre-validated design which means they, by large, are easier to deploy and manage than procuring IT separately. By utilising an “out of the box” solution, IT teams can place their efforts in deploying new systems and services for the business or create new workflows on existing converged stacks rather than having their time caught up in the configuration of servers, storage and networks.


Not only does this improve project success and retain the control of budgets but also reduces:

Deployment Risk
Integration Effort
Project Success
The Risk of Data Loss
Benefit: Project Deployment

Impact: Being able to deploy projects on time and within budget minimises the dependence of independent up-front workflow design.

“IT can respond to business requests with, “You can have it now,” rather than, “You can have it in a few months.” And the business can accelerate time to market of technology-based offerings.”

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