Data Centre Perspectives – Reducing Costs

Data Centre Perspectives Reduce Costs
Data Centre Perspectives Reduce Costs

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Converged infrastructure prevents ongoing IT challenges by reducing cost, risk and increasing operational efficiency. The time is now to set the pieces – servers, storage, networks – to work together. So why is Converged Infrastructure growing up to 50% a year?

Reducing Cost

Procurement, Physical Operations, Infrastructure Management and Staff Productivity are all cost advantages of deploying a Converged Infrastructure and can also help reduce:

dcperport (2)

Power and cooling costs
Management costs
The Data Centre footprint

Ports and cabling
They can also

increase component utilisation and redirect staff time to innovate or create new services or revenue streams, rather than simply maintain IT systems.

Benefit: Ownership of infrastructure

Impact: Most organisations can achieve savings of 25% or more in the total cost of ownership of infrastructure.

IDC research found some measures can range much higher, including average annual data centre cost reduction of 68% per 100 users.

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