IBM Smarter Cities

IBM create a Smart Campaign for Smarter Cities

IBM’s Smarter Planet campaign has reached a new audience thanks to their viral advertisement. Created with Ogilvy, IBM are working together to spark positive change with the “People for Smarter Cities” and their video showcases their creative approach to spread the word by creating outdoor advertising ‘with a purpose’.

Ogilvy France created outdoor advertising in Paris but with a twist: a bench, a shelter and a ramp which not only shares the message but provides city dwellers with a powerful message about the need to become smarter in the way our cities work.

As a leading Smarter Cities Business Partner, Imtech provide UK City and County Councils with Smarter Solutions for Buildings, Transportation and Education. Through assessment, Imtech provide ROI based propositions to enable Smarter Councils operate with increased efficiency and greater value. This is achieved through deep Imtech Group wide experience in Electrical, Mechanical and ICT System integration.

We can help provide the solutions our Councils need for a more sustainable future. Read more about our solutions here. 

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