Top three Twitter Tech pictures of the week

With our latest news and updates from twitter published,  Imtech ICT UK have taken a look at the latest photos shared online and picked their top three of the week.

1. Kevin!!!!!

IBM finds the perfect picture to reach their audience about Cloud Finances.

 @ibmcloud Three ways to avoid cloud bill shock: by @thingsESaid

2. Time to Suit up!

Another IBM image – but a good one to boot – we can’t resist a Superhero reference @matnewman

@matnewman Somewhere an IBM Notes user is in trouble … time to suit up!

3. Women who shaped ICT

This image is being shared across twitter to show the impact women have had in technology

‏@tanta1ise Women who shaped ICT as we know it – be surprised via @EileenJOBrien. @GirlsDigital @NeelieKroesEU @eurohumph

Which is your favourite? Have you found something better – share it with us! 

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