50/50 Odds for BYOD: Link to blog by Psilva

Employee satisfaction and productivity comes up again in research as a reason to embrace BYOD.

psilva's prophecies

According to a ComputerWorld article citing a recent Gartner survey, about half the world’s companies will stop providing computing devices to employees and embrace some form of BYOD by 2017.  They also noted that about 40% will offer a choice between employee owned or company issued while 15% say they will never support BYOD.  While most surveyed felt there were benefits to BYOD, only about a quarter (22%) felt they have made a strong business case for it.  This might have to do with the fact that many organizations are still in the exploratory process for BYOD and are looking for a mobile strategy.  In addition, many are still trying to figure out a reimbursement plan.  Employees often expense business travel and mileage, and personal smartphone use for work also falls into that category.  About half the companies provide some reimbursement with only 2% covering all costs associated with BYOD. …

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